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Behavior Policy

The goal of Eagle County Elementary Schools is to create a positive, caring atmosphere where all children and adults feel respected as a valued member of our school communities. The desired result is to have a safe, nurturing, and creative environment where both the students and the staff feel enthusiastic about learning and sharing ideas. We need to set and maintain high expectations for all students both academically and behaviorally. Children will do what they think we expect them to do. We not only need to educate our children academically, but we need to prepare them with listening and positive communication skills. In addition, we need to educate students on how to be compassionate and caring individuals who we are proud to have in our school communities. It is imperative that we create an atmosphere where children feel positive about themselves and their accomplishments.

Promoting Positive Behavior

Behavior management is a collaborative effort by parents, guardians, students, and staff. All Eagle County Elementary Schools have supports for positive behavior. Mistakes are a natural part of growth. We help students reflect on errors in judgment and behavior and support them in learning how to make better decisions. We teach and model positive behavior including listening, cooperation, and mutual respect. We encourage students to make independent decisions and act responsibly towards others and with property. When this occurs, we believe that a very positive and productive learning environment will result, enabling students to strive for excellence.

District Behavior Policies

Please see Policies Regarding Student Behavior for specifics regarding various student behaviors.