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RSES is a collaborative learning community inspiring excellence for all. We are committed to all students:

  • Respecting themselves, their community, and their world.

  • Succeeding in academic achievement and citizenship.
  • Excelling to new levels each day.
  • Solving problems for themselves, their community, and their world.

At RSES we believe in:

  • Inspiring students to learn through engaging, meaningful educational opportunities.
  • Creating a love of learning by providing opportunities for students to reach out to the community and explore the world.
  • Implementing instructional strategies that meet the different learning styles of students
  • Maintaining high expectations for all learners.
  • Creating a learning environment that encourages collaboration, communication and support of each other
  • Emphasizing character development in the classroom and in the community
  • At RSES we are able to promote our vision and mission by working as a collaborative team with parents, students and the community. All of these attributes help contribute to a successful school environment that works towards developing the whole child.